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Take a plain T shirt and make it into a sexy and fun top in just a couple of hours. 
I took an american apparel long sleeve T shirt and made it into an off the shoulder pretty top. 

Here are step by step instructions on how to make your floral top. Good Luck!

1.) 1 long sleeve T   
2.) 1/4" elastic 1 1/4 yard or 45" long 
3.) safety pin 
4.) thread 
5.) pins 
6.) needle 
7.) scissors 
8.) sewing machine (not required)

Duration: 1 1/2 to 2 hour
Sewing Level: Easy

1. Cut across diagonally from underarm seam to neck seam as in picture then cut out the sleeve all around the armhole seam.

2,3. Lay the sleeve flat and cut into 3/4" to 1 1/4" strips.

4. You will have a little bit of fabric scraps left over which you can throw out.

5. Set your machine to a very loose tension or you can stitch by hand. Stitch a straight line from one end to the other on the middle of the strips.

6. Pull the thread from one end to shirr the strips into ruffles.

7. Turn the shirt inside out and fold the top edge and end of sleeve opening inward to 3/8" fold then pin down the fold .

8. Stitch the fold all around the neck and sleeve opening 1/8" away from edge of fold as you take out the pins. Leave a 1/2" opening to insert elastic later.

9. Place the ruffle strips in circular direction or whatever direction and shape you want then pin down to
the T shirt.

10. After you finished pinning the strips to the flower shape you want, hand sew the strips down to the T shirt. Take out all the pins.

11. Place elastic around your body from underarm to neck and cut length as needed. Make sure elastic length is not too loose. Do the same around your wrist. Safefy pin at edge of elastic and run it through the inside casing at top neck opening and sleeve opening. stitch the elastic ends together then stitch the casing opening shut.

That's it! Your done! Enjoy your pretty Floral T shirt!


  1. Jee...this is AWESOME....yay, you rock girl. thanks for sharing these simple steps in going from simple to fabulous! love it! Honeybee

  2. wow i like this one. Compliments!